Covid Truths and Falsehoods

Are people being fed with scare stories and falsehoods? There is a whole lot of different, if oposite, scientific views and data, on what this is all about.

One school contends that Covid-19 is a dangerous pandemic while another staunchly disagrees. The latter have put out data to prove their case. The former on the other hand relies on media help in blocking out such facts. 

Governments all over the world have accepted, without question, the former view. And worse, proceeded to issue orders, such as lockdowns, which have thrown out millions out of jobs.

The amount of money being spent on vaccines is humngous. Is this rational and if so, what is the justification.

Several questions arise about the pandemic. Is Covid-19 a normal flu or a dangerous disease? Are there excess deaths due to it for the illness to be declared a pandemic?

Has the coronavirus been isolated? If not, how can a vaccine be made to prevent it? Why did we not succeed in making a vaccine for SARS-Cov of 2003?

Can RT-PCR tests be used for diagnosing diseases? What did the inventor of PCR, Kary Mullis say about this?

My RTI queries both to central and state governments have failed to elicit any rational, rhyme or reason for lockdowns or mandatory masks. The queries and the responses are in the HTML files being filed as part of my petition to the Karnataka High Court are available below. 

I have filed a writ petition in the Karnataka High Court in which two CDs of scientific facts and data are submitted. I have sought the establishing of a commission of scientists to advise the government properly.  

The contents of my CDs are available in the page titled, "Covid Truths". 

You may decide for yourself where the truth lies. It affects your life as no other.