The Sadism of UIDAI

While our honorable Supreme Court is busy setting right the management of cricket in the country, here is the sad story of Manjunath’s long wait for a ration card, yet not received.

This is the real life story of the kind of cruelty that the charlatans masquerading as technology gurus and their political admirers inflict on the hapless poor.

Have you noticed that in spite of the information available about the failure of biometrics from all states, the government (of the party which, opposed it tooth and nail during the and before the 2014 elections) is now implementing it with a vengeance.

What drives such madness?

Marquis de Sade would smile at the ability of some now here who can be more sadistic than he could ever imagine.

If you missed the irony, this is the “inclusive agenda” of those who propagate the UID Scheme.