Why Digital India is a (Harsh) Joke

Here’s why the stupid and ignorant attempt to make our country into a virtual world will end up as harsh joke (not funny at all for those who suffer it, but for the world).

The news in ‘Hindustan Times’ of a former data entry operator, Puran Gupta having bank account numbers of 1 Crore Indians should not surprise us.

This about the same number of UID / "Aadhaar" enrolments!

 The news says that he used fake call centers to siphon out money from gullible people; and remember all those who enrolled in UID / "Aadhaar", and all those who promote it are gullible.

The money was transferred through all the now famous or infamous digi wallets doing the rounds after the great leap backward into demonetisation.

If only the wiz kids advising Modi would read Prof. Ian Angell’s article published in ‘Times Online’ in 2008, they would know the dangers of databases such as that of UIDAI.

Would anyone say how Gupta got the bank account numbers and other data (CVV numbers, OTPs)? [OTP is often touted out by our IT ignoramuses as the one cure-all safety device). Nilekani says, “Show me one instance of data theft”.

Whether Gupta got the data from UIDAI databases or not is irrelevant. How did he manage it? 

Please follow the link below to read the news report.