Sham ID Goes Places - Ingoramus Seeks 'Aadhaar' Card for Cows

There is no end to ignorance and stupidity. In fact, apart from God, these two are infinite.

Since, ignorance of IT can do is as ubiquitous as the Sham ID, called, "Aadhaar",

now someone is asking that each cow should be given a unique ID, like, "Aadhaar".

Perhaps, we must teach the cow to remember her 'Aadhaar' number.

Then again what's the biometrics of a cow? Does it have fingerprints, or do we call them hoofprints? 

May be iris will work, privided we can get the cow to look into the scanner without twitching its tail.

To what ridiculous extent has the Sham ID / "Aadhaar" craze brought us. We have become the laughing stock of the world.

Please follow the link below for the news story on the unique ID for cows.