Beware of Dangerous Apps

There are Apps which, pretend to make life easy for us. The so-called "smart phones" are usually the ones for which these are developed. Phones are not "smart". They are lifless, material objects with no brain (only programs) with capacity to think. Programs do not think, even if they have "artificial intelligence" which, is not intelligence but, a structured pre-progranmmed response to stimuli which, in turn are only as good as the author's idea should be to an external stimulus.

Since, phones are not smart, and never can be, people need to be smart. 

A website called, "Gadgets Now" has published a caution against an App named, "Kimbho". It says that the App which, is pitched as an alternative to WhatsApp, has security issues and that it was taken out within hours of its launch.

Here's the link to the "Gadegets Now" web page with the caution.

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From ‘official’ Patanjali dealers to ‘earn money online’, here are 21 fake Patanjali Kimbho apps | Gadgets Now


Patanjali had quietly launched its chat app called ‘Kimbho’ to compete with WhatsApp. But officially it no longer exists. This is because within 24-hours of the launch of Kimbho, the chat app was taken down over security, privacy and technical concerns. During the launch, the Kimbho chat was called as Baba Ramdev’s “Swadeshi” answer to WhatsApp. Patanjali spokesperson SK Tijarawala had tweeted, "Now India will talk . After launching SIM cards, Baba Ramdev has launched a new messaging application called Kimbho. Now WhatsApp will be given competition.” Explaining the name “Kimbho”, Tijarawala tweeted in Hindi, “Kimbho in Sanskrit means what’s going on and what’s the news.”Justifying the retraction of the Kimbho app from Google Play and Apple App Store, Tijarawala told ET, “We were only testing it for learnings and over 1.5 lakh people downloaded it. Our app is no longer available and Patanjali cannot take responsibility of various duplicate apps doing the rounds. Our app will be come back again soon after we are absolutely sure of all technical issues, and we will beat WhatsApp. We will never sell private consumer data.”So, if you happen to search the “Kimbho” app on Google Play in your Android smartphone, you will suddenly find many apps in the name of Kimbho. Here are 21 fake Kimbho apps to avoid for obvious security concerns. These apps simply mimic the original Patanjali’s WhatsApp rival—Kimbho, so, beware!