The Sham ID Called, Aadhaar

I have authored and published a book by the above title.

Here is its cover page.

One may think / ask:

What New Material Could There Be on "Aadhaar"?

A book has been written about the Sham ID called, Aadhaar! Why on earth would someone do that? Well, here's why.

And to top it all, it’s titled, “The Sham ID, 'Aadhaar'”.

"Aadhaar" or should it be termed here, “Sham ID”, has been in the news for almost a decade.

All that is to be said about it has been said – some say, “It’s a surveillance tool”, some decry exclusion, others are worried about privacy rights.

Corporate honchos are concerned about DIN being linked to Aadhaar numbers. People are – were until recently – anxious about the inability to file tax returns without Aadhaar number.

So why a whole book, and that now, when the Supreme Court judgment is just around the corner?

Well, there is a whole lot of facts, hitherto unknown, or rather unnoticed by the public and ignored by media (wilfully?) in the Book. It has 22 documents in appendices published as, incontrovertible documentary evidence of wrongdoing by those behind the scheme. It provides 54 weblinks. It lists over 100 reported crimes/frauds using the Sham ID, ' Aadhaar'.

Why is it called Sham ID? Because that’s what it is – A Sham – something which it is not what it purports to be!

Almost all have been fooled into believing that "Aadhaar" is here to stay. The minuscule minority who think otherwise, have misgivings, but don't know why.

The brand name, "Aadhaar", has been used to mystify and befuddle. Phrases like, “use Aadhaar", "Aadhaar" enabled, "Aadhaar" linked, leverage "Aadhaar" are employed to confuse and confound.

Intriguingly, only Pakistan and India are the two countries with such biometric ID schemes and coincidently, employ the same foreign firms as contractors for biometric technology.

The Book is purposed to tell India the truth about the Sham ID for the first time.

Thus, it provides evidence of the entire data not only being handed over to foreign private companies but also, their being authorized to use, store, transfer, process and link it to other personal data which, they are allowed to collect. It questions, “Why are we being told lies about data security, data not shared?”

Secondly, the Book gives scientific and mathematical proof which, exposes the whole charade of unique biometric IDs. There are no detected duplicates, but millions of false matches – one person’s biometrics matching millions of others’ in the database.

Thirdly, the Book reveals how UIDAI has no knowledge of who is enrolled in its database. The enrolling and process of assigning numbers are under the control of foreign firms whose details UIDAI attempted to hide.

Fourthly, the Book proves that the Aadhaar Scheme is not one which, provides identities, but a system of assigning allegedly unique numbers to individuals, numbers which, are neither unique to individuals nor uniquely identifies them. People have more than one Aadhaar number and millions (80 to 180 million) are eliminated as "duplicates", while spies, illegal immigrants, terrorists all – non-citizens too – have obtained the (magic) number.

Fifthly, the Book illustrates why none of the objectives of the Aadhaar Act can be achieved using the Sham ID, 'Aadhaar'.

Sixthly, the Book suggests simple and effective ways in which, subsidy theft may be prevented.

Lastly, the Book anticipates the likely Supreme Court judgment and in a call to action, lays down a path to protect the Nation and people from banking and impersonation frauds apart from securing the country's cyberspace.

Mathew Thomas                                        Wednesday, 29 August 2018