Sham ID Aadhaar-PAN Link - A Ridiculous Statement - CBDT

The Pune Mirror quotes the former Chairman of CBDT as making some ridiculous claims.
I hope and presume that he was mis-quoted by Mirror journo with misplaced exuberance.
Surely, the Chairman can’t be so ignorant.
The Mirror report claims that the Chairman said that the department wants to find out the spending pattern of bank accounts!
Is the former CBDT Chairman admitting that the IT department wants to watch ALL bank accounts to find out the spending pattern? If so, did the government lie to the Supreme Court that the purpose of linking the Sham ID, 'Aadhaar'  to PAN is for detecting duplicate / multiple PANs? Deetcting duplicates or multiple PANs is in any case impossible with the Sham-ID-Aadhaar link to PAN, since, biometrics results in false matches, a person can obtain many Aadhaar numbers.
Militants when arrested were found in possession of more than one "Aadhaar card". Further, as per Section 9 of the Aadhaar Act, the Aadhaar number is not proof of citizenship. So, any foreigner could have the Sham-ID-Aadhaar number. 
In 2017, a Pak spy working in the embassy in Delhi not only had obtained the Sham-ID-Aadhaar number, he had also opened bank account and received LPG subsidy.
CBDT Chairman - please note.
The foolishness of the former CBDT Chairman’s statement is even more apparent when one reads that he said that “with "Aadhaar" link, it would be easier to gauge whether the benefits of welfare schemes are availed by eligible persons.
Is he so ignorant that he does not know that people on welfare in any country in the world, including “Digital India” would not fall in the income tax bracket?
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