The Stupidity of Sham ID Aadhaar Enthusiasts


The saying goes, “There are two things, which are infinite: God and human stupidity”.

The news that an outfit of Sham ID, 'Aadhaar'  enthusiasts have submitted a proposal to the Karnataka State excise department to link the Sham ID numbers to people buying liquor in bottles, is NOT surprising, for such is human stupidity!

And even more silly, the excise department secretary, has directed the excise commissioner to submit a detailed opinion on linking Aadhaar number to liquor buyers.

Clearly, the enthusiasts and high government officials are unable to think beyond their blind beliefs or convoluted ways of using their mental faculties.

The ostensible aim is to “uniquely identify” liquor buyers who discard empty liquor bottles anywhere they please and thus, pollute the environment.

Just consider a few difficulties in achieving their “noble” objective.

Would the law, if ever it were to be promulgated, apply to a person who buys a full bottle of liquor at a restaurant and leaves the empty bottle at the bar or dinning table?

How would the liquor buyer then, be responsible for where the empty bottle ends up?

People sell empty bottles to recyclers. If liquor bottles are abandoned by recyclers at places where they are not to be left, would the liquor buyer be held responsible.

All this is assuming that the liquor shop and / or restaurant from where the bottle is purchased is able to verify the authenticity of the Sham ID Aadhar number of the buyer.

What if a person uses a fake Sham ID, 'Aadhaar'  number?

All in all, the idiocy of Sham ID, 'Aadhaar'  continues unabated.