Government's effort seems to be to prove an impractical and stupid idea / scheme. Subsidies will reach less number of people, due to the difficulty in accessing. Government can then claim success. Government and UIDAI are hiding facts. For example, government puts out media reports that several Lakhs of fake ration cards have been detected. They never say, who made these and how or what action was taken on those who made these. How will cash transfers prevent money being credited to accounts of those who are not eligible? The problem of leakages of subsidies is not due to lack of identities or fake identities. it is due to decisions on eligibility. These decisions are taken by politicians or under their pressure. Cash transfers would make siphoning off subsidies easier by facilitating sending money to people who are not eligible. It would be used to but votes. All political parties would like such schemes. They can then continue buying votes.

Here is the Link to the news story in 'The Hindu' on the ground reality of cash transfer.