This is a usual, never-ending refrain whenever any questions are asked of ministers, bueaucrats and politicians regarding reasons why some program for people is not undertaken. This is also a justification for propagating agendas such as, Public-Private Participation [PPP].

The Government always finds the money in a jiffy, when it suits their convenience or purpose. For example, for several years, the "No money" song was sung on relief for Bhopal gas tragedy victims. When the scandal of how Anderson was left off broke, the Government found money overnight.
The Government has no money for the homeless in Delhi. Harsh Mandar had to approach the Supreme Court to obtain an order to direct Government to provide shelters, but the Government has not only the money for the CWG, but for any amount of cost over-runs.

The Government has no money for stroing food grains. Rs. 60,000 worth of grains are damaged and written off every year, but the Government has any amount of money for fingerprinting all the people and scanning their iris under the UID program.

The hypocrisy in the assertions of "No money", is so obvious that only a blind fool would fail to see it, but our media is unable to perceive this because it does not increase their TRPs.

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