Nuclear Power Plant Debate

A debate on nuclear power plants and their safety was discussed on a TV channel. Three scientists and a civic activist were on the panel. One panel member, a former head of the Atomic Energy Commission said that our plants have been in service for 42 years! 

The IAEA first stipulated 20 years as the useful life of a nuclear plant. After this, nuke plants are to be shut down and covered in concrete silos to prevent radiation. Later IAEA, perhaps under intense lobbying by the nuke industry, arbitrarily increased the life of nuclear power plants to 40 years. 

Our plants have been in operation for more than the allowed, extended life permissible under international regulations. Yet, our "experts" proudly proclaim this as virtue.

Now, a news report indicates that the former president would be asked by the Government to convince the people living near Koondankulam nuclear plant about its safety. Kalam is not a nuclear scientist. Why does the Government want to use him for this purpose? Are they playing on his media image and the ignorance of people? This is nothing but the worst form of deceit a government could play on its people.