Would UID / Aadhaar Prevent Corruption?

In an interview on ‘IBN Live’, the UIDAI Chairperson said “I certainly don’t believe that by passing a law or putting more penalties on bureaucrats or creating more inspectors is going to solve the corruption problem. That's absolutely the wrong prescription. Fixing delivery system is more important. Fight corruption by having a bunch of OB vans is not going to solve the problem. ”

The sarcasm in decrying IAC and hubris in the claim are evident.

How would UID prevent corruption? In response to the interviewer’s question, Nilekani admitted that UID couldn’t decide eligibility. Left unsaid and unasked by both Nilekani and interviewer was, discretion in decision on eligibility is one of the causes for corruption. It does NOT require much intelligence to know that diversion of subsidised products and false accounting indulged in by politicians and bureaucrats is the modus operandi of corruption.

Nilekani also admitted that UID would not prevent corruption, like in coal (block) allocation.

One wishes that the interviewer could have asked two questions. One, which of the scams exposed in media, CWG, 2G, “Damaaji”, etc, would have been prevented by UID? Second, which is the greater and more destructive form of corruption?

Perhaps, public-spirited citizens could raise these questions by posting comments on the ‘IBN Live’ story.

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