Trojan Horse from Wikipedia

Trojan Horse from Wikipedia

Apple App for PM Modi!


This may be great news for the blissfully ignorant, but is indicative of the rut we, as a Nation, are getting into. I am sure that the PM and his advisers are well aware of the dangers of cozying up to US Corporates and would take needed precautions. By the look of it there appears to be a lowering of the guard here.

If one only cares to read what Snowden has revealed, one would be astounded by such bonhomie.

According to Snowden, as published by 'The Guardian' and Glen Greenwald, every one of Siliocn Valley's US IT Companies have signed secret agreements with NSA  to provide it with unfettered access to their servers. (page 108, "No Place to Hide" - Glenn Greenwald, Penguin paperback edition) 

As far as India is concerned, NSA need not bother. UIDAI provides TOTAL access to ALL our data and most obligingly links ALL our databases to the UID number. How much more convenient can it get for NSA! 

And now here is our PM happy with an App "freely" given by none other than the Apple CEO himself, Tim Cook. ('Time of India' 24 May 2016). 

The Greeks would be ashamed of their crude "Trojan Horse".