Stupidity & Dangers of False Basis ("Aadhaar") for Airport Entry

"City Airport may Let You Enter with Your Aadhaar", screams a front page headline in 'The Economic Times' of 02 Nov 2016 - Bengaluru Edition.

The Editor has chosen to put the news on the front page perhaps, imagining that this is a great achievement.  

There are only two that are known to be infinite – God and human stupidity.

We may now safely add a third – UID / "Aadhaar".

Someone with some mental disability seems to have approved or is trying to use UID / "Aadhaar" as ID for airport entry at KIA (Bengaluru).

The news item says that “Bengaluru is currently testing the feasibility of the concept with technology vendors Morpho of France and Vision Box of Portugal".

Here’s the link to the news in ET of 02 Nov 2016. (

Perhaps, it would help if one has the Pakistan spy - Mehmood Akhtar accompanying you. After all, Both Pakistan and India (India followed Pakistan in this) are using the same US (now French) company for biometric solutions.

How nice to know that (the equipment of ) a French or Portuguese private company can decide who enters our airports!