UIDAI's Tragi-comedy of Claimed Unintended Consequences - Serendipity?

A 'Times of India' headline yesterday claimed, "Aadhaar helps 16 mentally challenged boys get back home".

The URL (link to) of the news report is below.

Why are these "tall" and stupid claims being made? Perhaps, the claims are those who are so mentally challenged that they cannot understand basics of biometrics, refuse to study or examine anything before prouncing opinions. 

That may be an explanation of how the claims come to be made, but do not answer to the question of their motives.

A statement attributed in the news report to one, R Nagarathna, superintendent of the government home is, "If the word, 'duplicate' pops up during the regisration process, it means the person has already registered under Aadhaar". 

She obiviously, has no clue of what a "duplicate" is ignorant that biometric identification does not locate duplicates, but throws up millions of false matches. This is mathematically proven and scientifically known.

Further, biometrics of children are yet undeveloped and hence of poor quality for use in biometric identification systems. That's why Section 5 of the Aadhaar Act provides for special measures for over 80 % of the population, including children. 

So, the news report of people living in a make-believe world of biometric fancy tales is yet another devious attempt claim virtues of a scheme where none exist.

That media publishes such tripe is indicative of its ignorance and motivation.