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A Government of Scams


A Government of Scams

The 2 G scam was Rs. 1.76 Lakh Crores. The “Coalgate” scam now is Rs. 1.85 Lakh Crores. In the 2 G scam, Sibal attacked the CAG saying that the loss is “notional”. He said it is “Zero” loss!

Now, Jaiswal, minister for mines, says. “The loss is notional”.

The PMO claims that allocation of coal is “Government policy”; as if policies which, favor certain private firms, are not to be questioned.

Narayanaswami, MoS in PM ...

BDA - Politicians Fiefdom


BDA is used as a private fiefdom of politicians


BDA was to be wound up as having outlived its usefulness. This was the opinion of a group of bureaucrats and experts way back in 1997. However, t ...

Making money out of poverty

Making money out of poverty


In a shocking revelation, an investigation by the Economic Times concludes that microfinance companies systematically used the poor as front for cheated raising funds and then cheated them out what should rightfully belong to the poor. That these poor people, all 45,000 of them, happened to be illiterate women makes the crime even worse.

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Six months = one year for BBMP!

BBMP's six-month budget is more than last year's complete budget. How's that for fooling people?

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