Where do our nation’s interests lie? Does nationalism rest on just shouting, "Bharat Mata Ki Jai"?

There is a new-found warmth (in spite of Indian summer heat) and conviviality between our current national leadership and US IT bigwigs.

Some ministers have even bought the Apple CEO’s argument that the 30 % local component sourcing be waived for ‘Make in India’. The argument is that Apple systems use high-tech parts not available in India! Is it to be completely waived or can we ask what can be made here?

Why not start with CKD and assembly with non-tech parts locally procured. For example, the body could easily be made here.

BEL could make the most high-tech parts. If we could make missiles and satellites why not laptop parts.

The argument is fallacious.

More important is the question of where our Nation’s interests lie.

Here we may examine the documents which Snowden leaked.

This is one.

Oh Yeah ….

  • Put Money, National Interest and Ego together, and now you’re talking about shaping the world writ large.

What country doesn’t want to make the world a better place … for itself?

 It is from page 167 of the book, “No Place to Hide’ with sub-title, “Edward Snowden, The NSA & The Surveillance State”.

Here’s another from the same page of the book.


What’s the threat?

  • Let’s be blunt – the Western World (especially the US) gained influence and made a lot of money via the drafting of earlier standards.
    • The US was a major player in shaping today’s Internet. This resulted in pervasive exportation of American culture as well as technology. It also resulted in a lot of money being made by US entities.

Please note the acronym, “FYEY “. This stands for “Five Eyes”. It refers to the five nations of the English speaking world – The UK, USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

The aim is clear. They make no bones about it. The objective of surveillance is to make money for their “entities”.

The first text box has the “Teen Murthies” or if you prefer an anglicized version, the “Unholy Trinity” – “Money, National interest and Ego”

Note again that “Money” takes precedence over even “National interest”.

How do we deal with such diabolical aspirations and protect our national interests?