UIDAI, The Deceit Continues

In an advertisement in the 'Deccan Herald' - Page 20 of its Bangalore Edition of 07 Aug 2016 - UIDAI says, "Aadhaar makes availing Government scholarships easy".

UIDAI's Misleading Advertisement on Scholarships

How diabolical can this be? UIDAI does not say, "Aadhaar is compulsory or mandatory for availing scholarships:, but says that it is "easy". 

And there is the smiling face of a girl child holding an "Aadhaar" acknowledgement letter. UIDAI has no scruples in using the innocent, ignorant (about UID / "Aadhaar") child to hoax the public and parents of these children.

Why does UIDAI want to link transferring of scholarships to bank accounts need linkage to the so-called "Aadhaar" number? What mystical powers does this number have?

Scholarships are meant for eligible students. Possession of UID / "Aadhaar" number, which is not even proof of citizenship, does NOT make a student eligible for scholarships.

Addresses in UID database are un-verified. Possession of UID / "Aadhaar" number does not prove that the its possessor is a genuine student of any instutution.