"Secure - 'Aadhaar"! - Can't Steal Things Given

Nilekani says, "Show me even on example of data theft. Aadhaar is very, very secure" - Quoted from 'Times of India', Sunday, 02 Apr 2017 Page 18 "All that Matters"

He is right. After all, one can't accuse of anyone of stealing when you give away something that is not even yours!

UIDAI, is giving "unique" (so it claims) IDs to us. Then, (Nilekani - tongue in cheek, says, "It is voluntary, but service providers may ask for it") you are forced to give it to anyone who asks for it - Schools, ration shops, railway ticket counters, airport entry gates, even IPL ticket sales counters. 

Why would anyone steall what is so freely given?

It is like air - everywhere!