The Fifth “Gang”

In his article titled, “When you give your biometrics to Modi, Manu Joseph, quotes Nilekani as telling him that opponents of “UID / "Aadhaar" can be divided into four gangs – ‘the privacy gang’, ‘the-rights-of-the-poor’ gang, ‘the-oh-my-god-1984-has-arrived’ gang and ‘the luddites’ gang.

Perhaps, Nilekani did not learn the English properly and Manu Joseph did not either choose to correct him of acquiesced in what he said; for the article does not give any response that Joseph gave to such an accusation which, is in poor taste.

“Gang” means a group of organised criminals!

The great IT honcho who “rethinks” India says, anyone who differs from his think must belong to an organised gang of criminals.

Mercifully, he did not call luddites a gang; or was that a typo error?

I do not belong to any of these gangs, although Nilekani may consider me too as a criminal since, I disagree with him much more than any in the “gangs” he referred to.

I have incontrovertible, documentary evidence to show that:

  1. Biometrics is fallible, error prone and hence, does not provide a unique ID
  2. By its own admission (not to the public or government, but to its private contractors) said that the demographic data in the UID database is unreliable
  3. UID / "Aadhaar" is a mere number, but the lie is constantly repeated calling it “Aadhaar card”
  4. UID / "Aadhaar" is for ALL RESIDENTS and NOT citizens alone; hence it cannot and should NOT be used for targeting services
  5. Contrary to repeated assurances (including the one by Shri. Ravi Shankar Prasad –  Hon'ble Minister for IT yesterday in the Rajya Sabha) that your data is safe, the entire data – biometrics and demographic is handed over to foreign private companies under UIDAI’s contract with them

Could handing over the entire biometric and demographic data of the people of the country linked to all databases be called a crime?

If so, what crime is this?

And to which “gang” such people belong to?

Joseph and ALL of media are ignorant of what I have said (No - they are not ignorant, since I have told many of them - even the passionate TV patriots among them) or have chosen to remain studiously silent of this crime and the "gang" behind it. 

The link to Joseph's article is here.

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It is amusing that Aadhaar has remained optional for the poor, and has become mandatory for people whose survival does not depend on the government