The ‘Times of India’ Bengaluru Edition today, 29 Apr 2016 carried a news report of our beloved MPs voicing “concerns” about misuse of RTI.

The headline said, “Resentment of political class towards RTI is now out open”.

It would be better to replace the word, “Class’ with the option in my title.

The link to the article is here.

NCP leader, Praful Patel, is reported to have said, “Anyone can pay ₹ 10, some ‘paanwadi’ (betel leaf seller) or ‘Chaiwala’ (tea vendor’ – our present PM, excepted!) can also ask who made a missile or anything about international affairs”.

“Patel Sir, please attend “Chai pe cherhcha”. “PM Sir, Don’t allow these fellows to fool you into diluting RTI as your predecessor tried. He is where he is because of that among other reasons.”

The arrogance of these gentlemen and ladies who adorn the hallowed halls of our legislatures is as sickening as it is unbelievable.

They come to us with folded hands begging for votes as their camp followers throw garlands at them to be thrown back and grabbed by fools to be preserved as talisman.

They pontificate that they are ‘servants of the people’, but their real color comes out when the shoe of hypocrisy they wear pinches as the nauseating facts of their misdeeds become public. So, RTI is the villain of the piece.

They do not realise that they are mere representatives of these ‘paanwadis’ and ‘cahiwalas’, and other such lesser, mortals. Oh, that we may have a ‘Desi’ version of an Oliver Cromwell, if nothing else for a short while.

“Government officials are scared of taking decisions because they wonder what will come out of RTI --- Objectivity is finished”, he (Shriman Patel) is reported to have said.

Let me tell him, “Sir, What will come out of RTI is the TRUTH, and NOTHING but THE TRUTH.

Transparency facilitates objectivity.

Officials need not be scared unless they have something to hide.

I too was a ‘government servant’ not too long ago. I had no hesitation in taking decisions and putting down my reasons in file notes (noting).

And, Sir, I was making missiles, so I knew who made missiles. If someone asks you, you are welcome to redirect them to me!”

Let us not allow

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