A Call to Campaign

The bain of all democracies is that few people are aware and still less care about governance, until they are directly affected; then it is often too late. That's how dictators seize power.

Even in "functioning" democracies, those entrusted BY the PEOPLE with governance roles instead of doing the job as representatives of people, arrogate to themselves perks and privileges of office as if they are entitled to these. 

Why do the people's representatives need to live in palaces, while millions of the people who elect them are homeless? 

Why do people's representatives need to have security guards paid for by people? Why would people harm their representatives? 

What is the solution? How may people reclaim their legitimate position in relation to their representatives chosen to carry out the tasks of governance entrusted to them?

The first step is for people to understand that their representatives are NOT their rulers. 

People should hence, assert themselves and launch campaigns in various areas where there is poor governance. 

Some areas readily come to mind. 

We may ask our representatives to implement various laws that have been enacted. For example, why is Section 4 of the RTI Act, 2005 still not implemented? Under the Act, representatives entrusted with governance are to give reasons for their decisions. 

Why is justice delayed? What are our representatives doing about delayed justice?

Why are many people starving? Many homeless? How long will it take to ensure that everyone has a home and none go hungry to bed? 

What is the point in talking about 8 or 10 % growth and patting economic performance when people are jobless, starving and without hope of a future?

Let's act BEFORE it's too late.

I invite the people of this great Nation of ours to join me in campaigning for our rights.